FRS Single Source Solution

Pricing & Payment Plans

Facility Repair Services wants you to maintain control of your service and billing environment. Facility Repair Services has a service, pricing and payment plan to meet the demands of your business or facility. Remember, Facility Repair Services provides a 100% guarantee at every level of service provided. 

Service Plan

Plan Summary


Provides service & repairs for isolated incidents or
pressing needs.

Hourly Rates

Rates provided to frequent clients who are seeking a locked-in rate for services provided on an as-needed basis.

Preventative Maintenance

Ensures scheduled maintenance aimed at the prevention of facility breakdown or damage. This includes routine inspections and repairs as needed.

Managed Services

Services are contracted and managed for you, saving you time and money.

Dedicated Maintenance Program

This program ensures that there is a dedicated, mobile technician that is capable of coordinating the fulfillment of your maintenance and repair needs.

Fixed Fee

Facility Repair Services will fix your maintenance expense components and provide you the “budget-smoothing” and cost predictability necessary for cost control at the property level.

Payment Options

We offer a variety of Payment options, designed to fit your needs:

  • We will be happy to bill your single facility or for multiple locations we can provide a consolidated statement that will provide all necessary support. You will be able to receive your monthly statement and submit payment electronically.

  • Take advantage of our wireless payment processing system by paying with a credit card at the time of service and you will receive a receipt immediately to your selected e-mail account. 

  • Call Customer Support to process your payment over the phone and we will fax or email you a receipt.